Baton Crew - The Arkolith

Series 1, Session 1

OOC GM Summary

Session Players and Characters

Jordan playing as Erevan
Cory playing as Grif
Rocky playing as Abiyram
Jacob playing as Vondle


The adventurers started in Rocbaron, meeting with the village’s symbolic Stone Cutter, Ilond of Signes, after one of the village’s militia training events. The adventurers are part of a group of 15 or so young adults who many in Rocbaron hope will push back the threat of monstrous invasion and other threats to the village, and maybe bring safety and stability back in this dark age.

Ilond sends the 15 out in four parties, each going into dangerous, if nearby, wilds to locations Ilond thinks might have more gems that could be used in an arkolith. Ilond has aquired an arkolith to study, the village’s arkolith being deemed by the village council too important for Ilond to poke and prod for curiosity’s sake.

The adventurers quickly make their way southwest, with instructions to find a particular cave entrance and then some path up through the rock to the plateau above. After defeating a dangerous wadi tunneler, and avoiding the possible inhabitants of the cave, the adventurer’s found the magically hidden entrance to a stone stairwell leading up 70 or 80 feet to the plateau above. There they fought elemental guardians of a earthformed gem, securing it and then returning safely through the wilds to the village.

Having successfully completed (through some luck and some bad planning on the GM’s part) the first quest, the adventurers advanced to level 2. All player characters, present or not, should now be level 2. In addition, the village council granted Vondle a Flesh Seeker +1 Greatsword (found in the Compendium, not the item list in the character builder), Abiyram a set of Frozen +1 plate armor, and Grif a Staff of Wind +1, the village’s most powerful relic.


Session 1 was great!

Series 1, Session 1

Hey Jared,

I’m a big wiki freak btw…

Do you want us to use the built in character system on Obsidian or create a standard wiki page?
It looks like the tag to reference built in characters is bracket bracket colon charname bracket bracket

Content Not Found: Grif

Series 1, Session 1

Case sensitivity affects links. I can link to Grif as lbrac lbrac :grif rbrac rbrac, but not lbrac lbrac :Grif rbrac rbrac

Series 1, Session 1

Up to you guys if you want to post full character exports here. It would mean I could keep up with your characters without having to take or copy character sheets, or have you export and email WotC editor files, so it would be useful to me.

Series 1, Session 1

See what I did

Just go to the character sheet and select Character Summary, it is all text. From there copy and paste. It doesn’t look pretty, but it answer all the questions anyone should have,

Series 1, Session 1
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